New Name / New Single

February 24, 2022

Update from latest newsletter:

Hello ,

After lots (and lots and lots) of consideration, I wanted to let you know I have decided to change my artist name to ferna (pronounced fear-na)

It’s still connected to me:

the ‘na’ is from Hannah
the fern comes from the Gaelic meaning of my home town Coleraine.

(Cuil raithain means ‘nook of ferns’)

but has a lot less I’s and L’s to remember! So a win all round 🙂

New Single

In even better news, I have a brand new single coming out this Friday (25.02.2022)

It’s called ‘Wasting’ and I wrote it after returning home to Belfast after living in the US and reading the novel Milkman. It’s about feeling a bit unsafe to be yourself with lots of vocals and extra bass !

Pre-save on your favourite streaming platform here (or follow me on bandcamp here) to hear it first*.

*Believe it or not these kinds of things really help me feed the algorithms and help me get my music heard, so it’s very much appreciated here at ferna HQ (i.e. my kitchen)*

Really hope 2022 has been kind to you so far.



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